Networking b/t Laptop and Desktop = poor internet connectivity

I have a windows 7 laptop, and networking with vista desktop. I think that the network is set up correctly via linksys wireless router, but seems to stall or break my internet connection on both the desktop and laptop when both are on. Once laptop is off or disconnected from wireless router, desktop internet connection works perfect. . Any suggestions for an extremely computer illiterate.

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  1. on each computer go Control Panel, Network Connections, Wireless Connection, Properties, TCP/IP and check that obtain IP address and DNS automatically are both ticked.

    Alternatively, if you have previously used one of the computers with Windows Internet Connection Sharing make sure ICS is no longer enabled.
  2. Tried this the other day, still did not work. Tried again after your post, but looking closer, the IPv6 connectivity for the desktop is limited, and the laptop: none. I don't have to have these networked, but really want to be able to use the router for wireless for laptop, which is what I thought I was doing originally. Or how to I increase the connectivity? BTW the ICS is disabled for both also. Please and thank you.
  3. Turn off IPv6.
  4. Still doesn't work. Reset my router, reconnected the network...still no luck, Struggglin.
  5. Make sure that the two computers have different IP addresses -- one may be on a fixed address -- or may have been used for Windows Internet Connection Sharing -- which must be disabled.
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