AMD Phemon II vs Core i7 @ program uses 1 core at time

Which CPU would do better at apps that uses only 1 cpu. And games that uses 1 CPU too. I don't always use program which uses more than 1 CPU. It is also for family computer. Gaming and doing simple tasks.

Don't turn this thread into flaming thread.
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  1. Phemon II?
  2. anything made by intel.
  3. Quote:
    The one clocked higher


    IPC = Instructions per clock.

    I haven't looked at the single core benchies lately though.
  4. Still no proper answer or benchies?
  5. creecher said:
    anything made by intel.

    What an utter idiot, claiming that a Celeron for instance would be better :pt1cable:
  6. ^ or a pentium
  7. ^ 486!
  8. lol
  9. What was the processor that original Atari had? Now that would rock. :bounce: Seriously, it in no way will matter which you use for a single threaded app/game. The rediculous frames either will bring is pointless and you'll never notice the differnce.
  10. Go the phenom II they are imo better then the i7
  11. Alright, phenom II is cheaper than Intel core i7 but little slower. Toting it up to that both are same, but which 1 is better at program that uses 1 core.
  12. It won't make much difference, if you only need one core than you could save some money and get a cheap dual core.
  13. or wait till june for the Phenom II X2 (dual core) 3.0 GHz CPU
    since you will be using only 1 core, a dual core will be more than enough. also, are you sure your games are that old (non supporting dual core)?
  14. No, I meant I usually multitask and most programs I use is single core program. They can use up lot of power. I rarely use more than 3 cores program. I sometimes use 2 core program. This does not mean I don't need core i7 or AMD Phenom II.
  15. Yeh, I'm sure my games are that old. I might download newer games later which I will be needing a motherboard with futureproof. More upgrade paths in future.
  16. The i7 has slightly better per clock performance on any given thread, and it tends to clock as high if not higher than the Phenom II (especially the new D0 stepping). I'd have to say the i7 will win in this circumstance, but not by nearly as much of a margin as it wins in multithreaded apps.
  17. Thanks for information.
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