Take gateway laptop apart??

need help disassembling Gateway laptop.
W730-K8X also known as 7500 series
I want to check screen connections. you have to wiggle it often after it blacks out...but then it comes back.
thank you
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  1. I had that same problem with my Gateway laptop. I sent it in and it was never fixed. I actually sent it in twice. Is it still under warranty?
  2. Check on bottom first. I'm a computer tech by trade myself. Actually have my apple cert. But my wife had a dell laptop, older one, but it had something similar to what you are talking about. However, on the bottom, under the lcd, a screw was loose, another missing. Tightened the one screw, found one to replace the other, and it cleared up. We actually later sold the laptop and it was working fine.

    If this does not work for you, I would check the cable, on mac laptops, you'll find screws on the sides usually, however, on pc's, sometimes screws are on the front. remove the screws, and if you are careful, use a flat screwdriver, though if you have a piece of plastic, that is flat like a screwdriver, that's better, and you should be able to pop the back off if you are careful.

    After you get the back cover off, count on there likely being an aluminum EMI shield over the back of the panel. Should be one wide 1-1.5 inch connector connecting the cable to the panel. The cable usually will run up from the hinge, and then up the back of the panel. Likely will be taped down, especially where the connector is. Of course the tape they use will probably be metallic and not reusable, but you should be able to put it the old tape down(if metallic, and then tape that down with duct tape or electrical tape. However, it seems that electric tape or even duct tape or white masking tape is ok in many cases. At least that's what I mostly use when I can't reuse the stock tape, and it seems to work ok. Just be sensible. The main thing when you are working on it, DO NOT force things if at all possible. That's how things get broken...from experience.
  3. Here, check this out. Looks like someone else had your issue on a similar laptop and gives a quick write up what they did to fix it.

  4. very helpful, thanks
    I have a dell - very easy to take apart
    gateway - at least this one- not so much
    that link looks alot like this machine, it just might work
    and it has flicker fix suggestions too
  5. one-shot said:
    I had that same problem with my Gateway laptop. I sent it in and it was never fixed. I actually sent it in twice. Is it still under warranty?

    out of warranty. when it was, it was sent in for a bad jack primarily and I think the flicker was mentioned, (slight at the time) and was not fixed

    If yours was sent in specifically for that then the warranty should be good until that which it was sent in for is eventually fixed.
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