Pc random shu down, help

My pc shut down unexpectedly then restarts right away or it freeze, all this happens randomly

It happen when I scan the pc with AVG free or copying things
But when I watch or convert video it restarts or freezes from anywhere between 2- 10 mins,

I have reinstalled vista in a new hdd same thing happens, it also restarts in ubuntu 9.04 or safe mode in vista.

Memtest86 shows no error, prime 95 mostly freezes sometimes restarts in less than a min.

I cleaned out the dust in the heatsink and fan, the temp drop by 5c and I was able to run prime 95
for 1 hour( I stopped the test, didn’t freeze or restart) when I did the BLEND test, but the IN PLACE
LARGE FFTs test restarts when the temp reaches 64 -65, which took 30 mins.

My cpu is intel core 2 duo E6600 2.4 GHZ

So I thought it was over heating but when I streamed a video or watch a video and the temp is 53-54 it restarts in 2-10 mins, same thing with converting ( temp is 60-61).

I tried out 3 different PSUs, and they all restarts and show the same voltage with CPUID and speedfan. The voltages are

Vcore1 : 128v
Vcore2 : 3.02v
+3.3v : 3.33v
+5v : 5.11v
+12v : Fluctuates min that I have seen is 5.25
-12v : -1.75v
-5v : -4.15v
+5v : 5.11v
vbat : 3.17v

is this an error, or is the motherboard causing this?

CPUID show the same voltages except the -12 is min = -11.90v max = 11.71v

And +12 is min = 4.22v max shows 13.63

there are no bsod, the screem goes black and 1 second later it restarts

Is there a good and prefer free virus scanning software, and how do I find out what is causing this?

Sorry for the long post

This have been happening for 2 weeks and I really need help, thanks
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  1. Windows defender had a free trial available recently on microsoft's website. I would also check for bios updates for your motherboard. Speedfan readings don't look accurate. I have used coretemp. I would try resetting the bios using the cmos jumper or removing the battery. Then check your memory specs; try the bios spd settings first; if your memory calls for more voltage, try bumping it up by .1 or .2 volts in the bios.
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