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I have core i7 920 stable ( using intel burn test and prime test) at 3.8g. I have turbo mode on but without HT. But, when i turn on ht, it boots to windows, but fails the stress test in a minute. i increase vcore and qpi voltage, but it does not help. i will turn off turbo mode and turn on ht when i get home and run the test again. I do not know it will work.

My question is

do you guys know review sites that compare i7 performance with or without ht option. If the performance difference is not much, i do not need to do the testing again. i would stick to what i have. it is time consuming.

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  1. I've never had much success with Turbo on, it REALLY heats things up. I turned it off and got lower temps and stable with a higher voltage and BLK.

    Hyperthreading is a great feature on the i7. I'd personally rather have HT on and a lower clock than HT off and a few extra MHz.
  2. Quote:

    i will try turbo off and ht on when i get back home. see how it goes. I have to push qpi with 20 multiplier. qpi should be withing .5 range of dram voltage. how far can i go? what is the maximum qpi limit?

    If i have instability issue, should i up vcore or qpi first. i hate doing that. it is a lot of work. trial and error. you know.
  3. ^
    it does? My vDRAM is 1.6 and my QPI is 1.2v

    I'd up the vCore a notch... WORK? of course it is work, OCing isn't a walk in the park, especially higher OC's. haha
  4. Seems to me hyperthreading boosts benchmarks and real-world multitasking applications, but it actually reduces gaming performance. If you're a gamer, I'm inclined to suggest turning it off (with the additional bonus of lower core temps).
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