Dual EVGA 9800GTX+'s or EVGA GTX260?

Right now I have dual EVGA 9800GTX+'s in my system which is intel core 2 quad 3.0, 8GB DDR2 800, vista 64bit. I was wondering if it's worth upgrading from my SLI setup to one 260, will it have a somewhat better increase in performance then my two other cards? Any help would be great
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  1. youll have a decrease ... Only place where youll see an improvement is on games thats dont support SLI .. like GTA4 and many others.

    and OCing this quad can really BOOST you performance.

    MOBO ? PSU ? Q???
  2. mobo- EVGA 132-YW-E178-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI FTW

    750watt PSU
  3. Stick with sli 9800GTX+, thats a nice setup capable of playing all modern games. If your set on upgrading then i'd advise to wait untill DirectX 11 cards are released this summer sometime, or the GTX 300 series.
  4. Take this QUAD to 3.4-3.6. 10-15% FPS increase ...
  5. save your money
  6. From the performance increase I've seen in all games my friend has played I'd say its only worth it to either not go SLI or go up to a GTX 260..... and only if you want to go REALLY extreme with everything thats has to do with your Graphics capability's. If your gonna get a GTX 260 though then you should get stonger parts to match it as well or it just doesnt want to work at full capacity. All in all , I'd say one 9800 GTX+ is good enough for playing video games , dont bother if you need the money or want something else.
  7. Hey all i'm in a similar position. I'm considering getting 2 9800gtx+'s or just a single gtx260. I have an AMD Phenom II 940 cpu, asrock k10n780slix3 mobo, 4gb ram, 850w sli psu. Ideas anyone?
  8. depand on the games you are playing .. if they support SLI .. LETS ROCK ! if no ... GTX260 will be better.
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