Problems with bios config causing BSOD's

I built this PC a while back and have not used it much until recently. After 1-3 hours (sometimes more or less) of extensive use, normally, gaming, the PC will get a BSOD. After a while of trouble shooting i am certain it has to due with the bios options defaults are wrong. Here are my parts and what settings i need to know;

RAM 4gb

The setting im confused on are;

CPU Speed
CPU Multiplier
CPU:RAM ratio
CPU Voltage
RAM Voltage

I know for a fact that the bios default the RAM to a complete unstable voltage, so i have been messing with that, but i cant get the PC not to BSOD every few hours. I am thinking it might be bad RAM and if thats the case i have the following shipping to me now;


If it turns out that my RAM is bad and i need to use these new sticks, whats should the previously mentioned settings be then?
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  1. The Patriot RAM requires 2.2V to run at 4-4-4-12 timings. The new RAM that you ordered requires 1.8-1.9V to run at 5-5-5-15 timings. Except for the RAM, you could leave all other settings to their default value and see if the system is stable.
  2. I tried setting the ram setting manually, and i think i set the right options to 4-4-4-12, but i could never get to the windows loading screen. There were about 8 options in the ram settings area, what ones need to be 4-4-4-12?
  3. You can use 4-4-4-12 instead of 5-5-5-15 only if you increase the DDR2 voltage to 2.2V
  4. Ok so i had the ram at 2.2v and 4-4-4-12, but it would not get to the windows loading screen, after the post is goes blank.

    Should i try 1.8v and 5-5-5-15?
  5. Yes and if it doesn't work, increase the voltage a bit at a time until it works, but never exceed 2.2V.

    You can use CPU-Z to display the current memory timings. Then check what timings and voltage are available in the SPD table. In particular, what are the JEDEC timings and voltage at 400 Mhz (assuming that your RAM is running at that speed).
  6. My 1 and 3 slots show something different from my 2 and 4 slots, i dont know much about this so here is a pic;
  7. All four slots should be the same ram too, but at one point i had to exchange a bad pair.
  8. That's fine as long as you use JEDEC #3 or EPP #1. Use the JEDEC #3 timings and voltage and see if it's stable. If not, increase the voltage until the system is stable. Run memtest to check the memory. If it runs for several hours without errors, then your system should be stable. If not, then the issue is caused by something else.
  9. Well my buddy is going to buy this ram off me good or bad, and the others are 2 gb stick so i have slots to upgrade later. Right now i have it at 5-5-5-16 (mobo default by spd) and the voltage at 2.25 and this is the most stable i have got it.
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