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I recently bought and assembled a new PC, my MOBO (ASUS P6X58D-Premium) comes with 2 SATA3 (6gb/s) ports, and 6 SATA2 (3gb/s) ports, and I have 1 WD GREEN HDD (32mb cache, sata2), I was planning on replacing this HDD and buy 2 WD Black 1TB (64mb cache, SATA3) drives, and create a RAID 0 between them...
At this point I'll have 2 TB of space, so with this 2 HDD in RAID 0 I'll create 2 partitions, 1 (250Gb) for the OS, and another one with the rest of the space for DATA... Now...

Do you recommend me creating the RAID 0 between these 2 WD Black?... (besides, how often does a HDD gets bad?, I have had several HDD's all my life and none of them have ever failed) I say this because I could loose all my DATA if one of the disc fails on a RAID 0...


What would you recommend me to do, I want more performance (booting speed, increased speed opening programs and games, and maybe data transfer), but I dont want to spend a lot of money on SSD's (they are still too expensive)

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    I never suggest RAID for your OS drive. Look at this guys thread.

    And thats simply the one I've been working on today. For your OS you really want just a single disk. No RAID drivers to worry about. You talked about a drive dying, most of the time I see people complaining that the drivers got F'd up somehow. (deletion, lightening strike, etc.) If you must do this leave your OS on your green drive. Put all important data on there to. Setup the AID0 array and move the swap file and anything needing speed onto it.
  2. But, If I create a RAID 0 and install my OS on that RAID 0, I'll get better performance (that's what I have read), and the only part that I do care about is my DATA, if I loose my OS it does not matter, because I'll just have to install it again (maybe add new HDD) but that's all...
    I also thought about creating a RAID 5 with 3-4 HDD's just for my DATA, or would it be a waste?...
    I really don't want to loose my DATA, but with my experiences, It's not very usual that a HDD fails (haven't happened to me)...

  3. The thing is you probably don't need the "better performance" that you think you'll get from AID0. And I don't know about you, but installing windows is the easy part, but getting it usable is the thing I hate. All the programs and tools you need to reinstall again is a PITA.
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  5. A good idea is to make an image backup once you have the basic windows install and drivers. Much quicker to reinstall if a failure occurs.
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