AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE Overclock

I just wanted to say thanks to 4ryan6 for the great O/C guide for the AMD CPUs. I was able to get mine to 4.0GHz and so far it has been stable as a rock. I've not seen the temp go over 48C so far and Im using an Arctic Freezer Pro CPU cooler.

Here's my CPUID validation banner:
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  1. Could you by chance refer me to this guide, i just purchased an aftermarket heatsink and would like to start overclocking this chip. I am new to OC and would like a helpful guide.
  2. U just increased the multiplier and voltage right? and no other modifications?
    And it seems like u have the same cooler as me. can u send me a link to it. Because I have 55-60 degrees during load, unclocked!
  3. I have heard of people to 3.9ghz with no adjusting the voltage,kept it at 1.4
    Have no idea how he was able to do it just used the HT multiplyer and the CPU multiplyer.
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