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Hi all, I am looking for an (best) AM3 motherboard. I have a Phenom 2 955 I'll be using and want to crossfire it with 2x 4870 gpus. So far I see no clear choices. Please, if anyone has any suggestions I will consider them all. One problem I have seen so far is that almost every mb on Newegg has a long list of reviewers with negitive comments and experiences. Also recommend the best chipset for my application. I'll be setting up a raid0, and using the system as a general purpose home office computer as well as a gaming system. Thank you in advance.
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  1. If you want to use a brand new board, I would call or email the manufacturer's tech support or go online for memory brand recommendations before you order. It could save you alot of grief.
  2. I ended up ordering a Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P, thanks for all the help everyone. lol.
  3. I just ordered an AMD Phenom II x4 955 - which I'm considering overclocking.


    Two ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB - which I'm also considering overclocking.

    My only concern with OC is that I may fry these expensive components - and I can't afford to replace them. I've only tried to overclock 1 cpu and 1 gpu - it was a while ago (voodoo / pentium era) and I'm not feeling very confident about it.

    I now need to pick out a motherboard and RAM...I'm looking for top of the line as I do a lot of gaming, graphic design, animation, and watching movies.

    I have tried looking for a good AM3 MB comparison, but not many sites over an easy and understandable overview.

    Any help or direction with either the MB decision, or the OC decision would be very appreciated.


  4. Choices for motherboards:

    Choices for memory:

    In making my decision for a mb I firstly considered the chipset. For me the FX chipset is the best for my needs and I wanted the 750 SB. I didn't want onboard video. The Asus is a little more dollar wise but it is a 4 pci-e slot board and I knew that I would never use 4 GPUs. I liked that the Gigabyte had just two slots for the crossfire setup that I was planning. I read a couple of positive reviews for the Gigabyte mb and the Asus mb also. I have two Asus 4870 1GB GPUs. Ram has many different brands and options. I like G skill; the link is to all cas 7 ram I would go with whichever is cheaper. You will want a very good aftermarket HSF to cool the cpu, which means you must have a big enough case to support a large HSF. The GPUs are going to be hot also and since you either have or going to get two GPUs you are going to have to consider which PSU you’ll want. I got a 750 watt single rail unit which seems to be working out though a 850 watt unit wouldn't hurt. You didn't say anything about a monitor. I will just say I have a 22'' LCD 1680x1050 and would like a 24''-26'' 19x10 LCD for gaming. The GPUs could easily support that monitor.

    Lastly the overclock will be very easy with either of the MB's above. The CPU will OC at near it's max without any voltage increase. My preference is the lowest possible or no voltage increase for a home system. It's one thing if one is testing the limits of the equipment and another thing for everyday use. You'll find that the 955 is a very fast cpu. I don't want to start a Intel v AMD flame thread, but the 955 oc'ed to say 3.7GHZ (I run my cpu at 3.7 everyday) is very close to or exceeds the fastest from Intel at 20% of the price of a i7 975. Look at any benchmark you want and decide if a couple of FPS or seconds and just a couple are worth $800+ bucks difference. For the cost of one i7 975 one can buy top of the line AMD CPUs for the next several years.
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