Vx450 corsair psu temp

hi, ive been using this psu for about a year now. i just upgraded hd2600pro to gts250
it was like this before but after the upgrade, psu runs really hot. the fan seems running at full speed.
when i touch the back of the psu, its pretty hot, not hot as you would go ouch though.
e4400 OCed 2.0 to 3.23 with 1.4Vcore. 4 rams. p35 ds3l, gts 250, 2HDD, 2ODD.
im thinking that this psu is running at its max output, so its hot. but just want to see anyone stressing their psu and their estimated temperatures. room temp is 75F
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  1. The PSU is plenty of power for your system. One possibility is that the other heat from your case is heating up the PSU causing the PSU fan to run faster. Do you have good cool air coming into your case?
  2. i think i have decent cooling in my case its xion case

    right underneath the psu is cpu cooler which is blowing hot air to the back of the case to 92mm fan
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