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Well I recently purchased my Ven-X and I love it. :love:

However, as soon as I cranked the pressure bolt just a tad (not all the way or even half way), I suddenly had a very unstable vcore.

My vcore would be set to 1.5 and shift from 1.47 to 1.53 :o My vcore on this board was previous ROCK solid.

As soon as I set the bolt to the min setting, the problem went away.

I am not saying the Ven-X is bad and I am sure my problem is rare, but PLEASE be wary when setting it.

If anyone else has any issues with this cooler please post them below or if anyone else has an idea to why this would happen please inform me.

This is the set up that had the voltage issue...
GA-EP45-UD3P 1.6
Corsair 850W
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  1. Well after a long day of pulling my hair out I discovered the side panel fan on my antec 1200 was ever so slightly nudging the ven-x up...resulting the the voltage issue. Since I sawed the corner of the fan off...issue gone...

    NOTHING to do with pressure and everything with pure stupid :*(
  2. Amen, thanks for the honest post.
  3. I just freaked out since numerous other people are stating that the ven X some how crushed their socket. I highly doubted them so when I turned the pressure up and suddenly saw the voltage irregularities, I assume it was due to the pressure. In reality, i tested with the side panel off and on and eventually realized that it was causing the issue. O well lol this is why I stick to reading posts not making them lol.
  4. According to this , the max pressure on the IHS is 60lbs. People used 70 lbs of mounting pressure and complained that it damaged the socket. The people who did that didn't do enough research to see if that would damage the board. It is their negligence that caused the issue. If you use the standard 40 lb mounting pressure, there should be any problems, if this 60 lb number floating around is 100% valid.

    Nice job on finding the fix instead of blaming the HSF. I'm going to get a Ven-X in a few weeks and toss out my current HSF.
  5. Its a great heatsink, there is no doubt about that.

    The mounting system is absolutely perfect. I had the old true and hated it due to the amount of modding required to get it to run.

    The ven-x + fan shroud + Ultra kaze 3000 = great temps. Its keeping my q6600 under 75 under prime load.

    I would love to see what this would do with a better quality fan with duel fan shrouds but Im happy with what I got haha.
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