OCZ3P16004GK with 1.9 V DRAM voltage... safe?

I am tweaking my memory voltage for a stock speed. I let the option at auto on my BIOS, but OCZ is putting 1.9V as voltage...?

Isn't that a little high for a Phenom II AM3 system? My Asus BIOS clearly put purple color on my setting.

What should I do? I clearly prefer setting my DRAM voltage manually.
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  1. 1.9 for ddr2 is ok; ddr3 limit is usually 1.65.
  2. Strange, HWmonitor show that in auto mode VIN1 is at 1.94V.
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    Lots of the DDR3 dual memory kits are rated at 1.85V - 1.95V.
    The sticker on the ram will tell you what the ram is rated for, timings, frequency and voltage.
    AM3 is fine with these higher voltages
  4. AM3 is fine with these voltages...It is only the intel i7s, which have a voltage limit of 1.65V...So for an AM3, you are fine...But you do get RAM stick for AM3, which have 1.65V or less(Have seen 1.5V too)...
  5. Well, nice thing to know. I only wanted to be 100% sure.
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