Idle Chit Chat...

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to start a thread where we can talk about what going in our day to day lives and what on everyone's mind. This would give us some time off from the tech stuff that people do in the other sections of the forums. We can discuss anything and everything that's on everyone's mind. Just to chill out with other guys on the forum.

To start off, Halloween is coming up... I am planning to watch a triple header of Horror movies on that day. Starting with Nightmare on Elm Street. :D

Trick or Treat!!!
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  1. Yeah? What are you wearing?

    This would probably be a better fit down in the community section.
  2. A Jeans T-Shirt! Getting bored in office! :(

    My day just started! :pfff:
  3. I jut completed 1 year in this forum! Had a great time here! :bounce:
  4. Arsenal top of EPL. F@#$!! :fou:

    Looks like England is having its worst winter!
  5. Just read this thread, seems fun. :D
    Looks like for now MU is on the top table of EPL...
    And FIRED Benitez, he made INTER just like a fool...
  6. Benitez ruined Liverpool! Now he is ruined Inter! God knows what that manager is made of!

    We would be moving to the top on Monday when we smash their teeth at Old Trafford!

    EDIT: I hate when an OP posts a question and runs away! Seen too many in these forums.

    Today is an idle day at the forum it seems.
  7. ^^Me too! Only thing is GalaxyS has caught my eye!

    I am stuck in office on a saturday! :(

    My weekend gone down the drain! :fou:
  8. How about x10 mini pro, have you ever heard or experience about that handphone?
    Cause I want to buy it next month...
    N8 is also "eye-catching", but I think I can't afford it, it's just too expensive... :)
  9. Hi folks.
    New to the site. I just wanted to say hi and check my sig. Nice to meet you all. :sol:
  10. wa1 said:
    How about x10 mini pro, have you ever heard or experience about that handphone?
    Cause I want to buy it next month...
    N8 is also "eye-catching", but I think I can't afford it, it's just too expensive... :)

    Sound is something is best heard yourself. But this is the closest i can give you:

    Chelsea drew yesterday. Today we play Arsenal! Hope we win!! :)
    Gomes is the worst goalkeeper i have ever seen in top flight football!! :fou:
  11. Yeah, but that's a good game, especially BALE, nobody can catch him. :lol:
    maybe Gomes made a single mistake, but he pay it with blocking Drogba's penalty!
    Hmm, MU vs Arsenal, I hope they give us a good entertaining match.
  12. Bale runs like if he has jet-booster on his a$$!!! :na:

    He out ran Kalou/Farriera and other Chelsea players on the right side! Plus he has skills to boot!
  13. Manchester United beat Arsenal! What a game. Rooney missed a penalty! When will Rooney score a goal is in open play is mystery as Bulldozer release date.

    Look at this top notch spammer (last post)!
  14. Lol, he gives us so little information about his PC... :lol:

    Yeah, Rooney is not on his top form right now, and Ji-Sung is incredible, like he has unlimited stamina.
    BTW, where are you from, Hell_Storm?
  15. I am from India! You?

    Looks like my my publicity campaign of this thread on my signature has helped this thread have a few posts.

    Also read this in another forum:

    "How do you connect two HDD's in CF?"

    Anyone watched The Tourist? Eagerly waiting to see Angie again!! Yummm!!! :D
  16. Hoho, I'm from Indonesia (South-East Asia). Nice to get know you. :)
    We need more thread like this, we must have some fun and not too serious. :D

    What, connect 2 HDD in CF? Where's that came from? I want to see it...
    How's the weather in India? Rainy?
  17. Here you go (third post)!

    No, its not raining! Weather is cool! It hardly gets cold here where i live. Only northern India is cold.

    Miami Heat is in red hot form right now! Go Wade/James! :D

    The Nexus S is just around the corner, i have to delay my plans for the Galaxy S!
  18. NBA... It's been a long time since last time I saw NBA match on TV. Here in Indonesia there's only a little TV-channel that broadcast NBA live.

    Which part of India do you live?
    I thought that the southern India that has colder weather than northern part.

    Nexus isn't too famous here, BlackBerry is the most famous HandPhone here.
    Still save some money to get x10 mini pro next month. :D
  19. Nexus is not a brand! It is actually Samsung Nexus S! The predecessor to Galaxy S! It's releasing tomorrow in the US/UK!

    NBA matches are aired here at early morning 5AM. That is my sleep time. Only catch up with it on next days sports news!

    Its more closer to the Equator you see! So more tropical. Northern side has the Himalayas, so areas close to that are cold. But still snowfall is a rarity here!

    Man... i am bored in office! :(
  20. :lol:
    Oh, that was one of SAMSUNG model, i didn't noticed that.

    Oh, i forgot that India has Himalayas on the northern area. It's so different here, when summer it can go hot up to 40'C, even when rain season the average temps are 30-32'C.

    You already work? good to you then, I'm still in college, last semester and I am wondering: What is like in the office, I mean when you got to work?
  21. It more or less depends on the type of work you do, rather than "work"! If you like what you do, you would enjoy it. Since you are nearing that time, I would say only getting used to the office culture is something that needs some learning. Rest all fall in place automatically! I am working for 3.5 years now, and still not out of my college behaviour! People may call it unprofessional.... but who cares!! :kaola:

    Many users on this forums are working! You can take tips from them too!
  22. Haha, yeah, thanks for the tip, and you are quite right about that, I guess I won't leave my behavior as now: playing games, reply many threads on this forums, read some new articles, cleaning my gaming rig every month, and so on...

    Hmm, It's not fun when there's just two of us here, why don't the other people would join us, Don't get too serious, it's bad for our health... :D
  23. Yeah! I guess in time people may drop in... It would take some time to catch up!
  24. Generally it starts with little Johnny reading the post and then deciding he needs to start his own pointless topic. Then we get stuck with a bunch of threads that are worthless, people can't keep up and it becomes a mess.

    The Beyond the Keyboard doesn't really have a spot for general banter. I don't think too many wander down that way. I don't really have the time myself. Always seem busy with work and trying to get away from a computer after the work day is over.
  25. Hello, Riser, welcome to this thread. :)

    Good to you guys, already has a job, make money by yourself. I'm still "begging" money from my parents. Sigh, I hope I can finish my study as soon as possible, so I can get a job and make money just like you...
  26. That is Super LOL stuff!!! :kaola:

    I am getting myself a Galaxy S tomorrow! Cant wait to board the Android ship. Unfortunately Nexus S will be one quarter late in my country! Can't wait that long.
  27. And I must forget x10 mini pro plan, my Toshiba M200 is fried today, I must get a new laptop... Sigh.
    Well, let's hear about your Galaxy S after you received it tomorrow... :)
  28. Hey all , Hell storm may remember me from my thread, to all the others hello!
    To start of with , which is your fav team in the EPL?
    Mine is Chelsea, but they look weak at the moment.
  29. To all, how do you log out from Tom's ?
    I just can't seem to logout. Every time I press the log out button, it shows 503 error......and something like that.
  30. 503 error? It seems like trouble with connection or browser.
    BTW, on earlier season, Chelsea is my favorite, they're scores MANY goals. But now, they're seems a little bit struggling with consistency...
  31. @Gman450: It would be best to post the issue in the forum feedback section. The Mods may help you out there.

    @wa1: Today they play Arsenal. I am hoping for a draw.

    Belated Merry Christams all! I was too drunk over the weekend to post this! :D

    I got my Samsung Galaxy S. Cool phone. Still haven't figured the ins and outs of this phone! :)
  32. Quote:
    How much power is drawn by a card or processor is also dependent on application
    you are running. In extreme racing games, or GTA with full setting MAX , try running your bike on a straight road and then take some steep turns, you will immediately notice more draw in power.

    I wonder how true this is?
  33. Samsung Galaxy S is an Android phone, so I'm pretty sure it's modifiable... :)
  34. Yes it is modifiable. But i am not sure by how much. The Nexus S is certainly called "Pure Google" so it may be more modifiable. I am still getting the hang of it. Will be updating to Android 2.2 tonight. GS comes with 2.1 pre-installed.

    Watched the The Tourist last night. Cool movie nothing to go Ga-Ga about.
    6.5/10. Angie darling was hoooooooooooot!!! :D
  35. I downloaded one torrent of SALT, but the print was so bad! Didn't get time to watch it on a theater. How was Layer Cake?

    To celebrate Christmas i watched the Tim Burton classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas!!! :)
  36. Cool... Don't mess with hacker's machine... :D
  37. Quote:
    yes, but who hack's with a mac....? lol

    Someone who's scared of Linux but like teh terminal widowz
  38. Getting bored in office! :na:
  39. Quote:
    remember DAVE software for mac that allowed it to talk to Windows networks.? i think it was called DAVE I might be wrong;
    anyways at my old job this programmer was all about his OS-X when it came out in like 2001-2002,
    I use to net-send him crap all the time and mess him up.. :D

    That. Is. Awesome.

  40. Quote:
    current weather check...
    I'm in:
    South FL, US - partly cloudy 72F high / 60F low

    You suck... :cry:

    I'm in Southwestern OH, US - Rainy with a chance of cats 47F High / 35F Low
  41. Quote:
    I remember that season-ly weather, that's actually warm for right not ain't it.?
    I was born in Cleveland, OH.
    shhh, don't tell anyone and I didn't like LBJ before he left the Cavs..

    Yeah it's actually very warm for this time of year. Normally we're in the 20s or lower. It's the fact that it's in the 40s and raining that I hate. XD
  42. Quote:
    shhh, don't tell anyone and I didn't like LBJ before he left the Cavs..

    I am a big fan of his! Its great that he joined the Heat! I am a big fan of Miami! ;)
  43. Quote:
    Last time I checked, due to low availability most 5970s sell for around 40000 rupees.

    They still do! The prices of ATI 5xxx cards are still the same as when they were released. Maybe 1000 INR drop. But that's just about it. I mailed AMD for this as to why they haven't dropped the prices even after the release of the HD6xxx cards and this is what they had to say:


    Dear Customer,
    Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200376559]} has been reviewed and updated.
    Response and Service Request History:
    Pricing on the HD5xxx and HD6xxx series cards is set by the specific partner producers in their regions.
    If you have not noticed any change in pricing in your region it is more than likely because of the availability of the specific product lines. Prices are set by supply and demand and other regional influences.
    In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.
    Best regards,
    AMD Global Customer Care

    @Tamz_msc: Are you from India? I thought you were from the US! :)
  44. Yup.I'm from India, Calcutta to be specific.

    Chelsea is currently fourth in the EPL, Australia got thrashed by England in the Ashes, India won a great test match, exams are coming..... life couldn't be better.
  45. That is one heck of a coincidence! Me too from Calcutta (love this name)!! Living in Pune by the way!

    It good us (MU) that Chelsea is at the fourth!! :kaola:
  46. Hey, do you know that Roger Penrose is the chief guest at a conference to be held at SN Bose National Center for Basic Science on the 6th of January? Wish I could be there, but I've got some other things to do on that day.

    Considering how things are going, I'm considering a career option as an onion and garlic trader.The way these things are selling, I'm sure that I'll have the money for an upgrade in the future by selling onions and garlic. :pt1cable:
  47. ^^That is quite a brilliant career option! :)

    I have been out of my hometown for more than 8 years now. So i find it very difficult to remember the places.

    You should try to attend that seminar! :)

    Man... getting bored in office! :(
  48. Which company do you work for? You seem to get bored pretty often.
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