Overclocking gtx 460 in sli

finally a upgrade :D

I should be getting them today in the mail and was just curious what is good overclocking baseline for these cards?
I'm using msi afterburner because I prefer it and it gives me voltage control on these cards. Anyway they will be running in sli any input would be greatly appreciated!!

P.s. I do understand system spec case and psu all of that can affect where to start so here are my specs

CPU: Intel I7 920 2.66 overclocked to 3.3
Memory: DDR3 1600 6gb Kingston hyper x
Motherboard: msi x58 pro E
Power supply: 850w cooler master silent pro
Case: Thermaltake V9
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    I'd love to help a fellow Browncoat, I surely would
    but other than keep Jayne away from it,
    I cant advise you sorry :(
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  3. I'm set with overclocking evga ee gtx 460's in sli stable at 800 mhz with 1600/1950. People have overclocked them considerably more without noticeable gaming errors without tweaking the voltage. Some go up to as high as 880 without errors, but when stress tested they report thousands of errors in two minutes. There are tons of stress tests out there... OCCT with gpu test settings is a nightmare for your cards: if it runs without errors for a few minutes you'll be fine with the overclock. Also, the temp can jump up to mid 90's. In gaming I never get past 72 on the sandwiched sli card. And I have ridiculously good airflow... These are totally safe settings for the gtx 460 with about a 20% increase performance over the stock clock.

    Good luck

    i7-930 stock
    ASUS P6X58D-E mb
    Meghalems cpu cooler
    EVGA ee gtx 460 oc'd to 800mhz x 2 sli
    6mb 1600 corsair dominator mem
    Silverstone FT-02 case with amazing airflow. quiet too.
    Corsair HX-850w PSU
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