Phenom x4 9650 or Phenom II x3 720?

I recently bought a Radeon HD 4850, and I should say, the graphics look amazing. Huge difference over my old 8600GTS.
But I can't help but get a feeling that the CPU is being the bottleneck, especially when I play CoH and Crysis.
So, if I decide to upgrade my CPU from my old Phenom 8400, which will be better, Phenom x4 9650 or Phenom II x3 720?
I wanted to upgrade to something like the Phenom II x4 940, but the TDP supports only up to 95W, so I'm out of luck until I buy a new mobo.
So, of these two CPUs, which will be better value? Or should I just save my money and go for something bigger later?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. As an X3 user and an avid gamer I can say the x3 is worth every penny. One click out of the box 3.6 with almost no increase in voltage and it runs super cool. Its worth every penny.
  2. I guess I'll go for the x3 if I need to, since I'm a gamer and do not encode a lot of videos nor do a lot of processing work.
  3. Definitely go with the 720 if your going to be mainly gaming. Overclocks way better than the original phenoms and just generally better performance.
  4. X3 720 for reasons already listed.
  5. +1 for PII X3 720...
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