Intel S5000XVN & S5520SC

I am going to build a computer for Digital Photography. I want at least 8 memory slots and 2 ea dual processors.

In the beginning I had settled on using an Intel S5000XVN. From looking at several different sites, including Intel, I think that the S5000XVN is becoming history. Now it appears the S5520SC has taken its' place.

So what processor(s) are recommended? I will be using Dual Core Processors. I know that 4 core processors are out there but I don't like to max out a board, or anything else for that matter.

I want a MB with at least 8 slots so I can start with at least 8GBs of memory. 1GB sticks of memory are readily available to me, but 2 or more GBs are not.

Also is an E-ATX case really needed? And what watt Power Supply? I will start with 3 HDs. A 300 PATA and 2 each 300 SATAs. Also 2 CD and DVD drives.

Thanks for any input.
Bob AZ
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  1. If you want to stay away from the i7 (why?) then I would go with:
    E8400, bump the Front Side bus (FSB) core speed to 400mhz.

    Pick a mobo built using the Intel P45 LGA 775 chipset. Intel offers the Desktop Board DP45SG but look here for more choices.,2001.html

    The Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P is a solid mobo.

    Four slots of DDR2 in two banks; dual channel remember?

    So 4X1GB is what you get.

    For power, a lot will depend on your graphics card(s). Use a power calculator such as the one found on this page:

    and plug in your system parameters. Think about how you will (and you will) expand it so buy a PSU for that expanded (e.g two cross-linked GPUs) system. Having to upgrade a PSU sucks.

    If you want more memory, look at the i7 920 CPU and the X58 chipset. A really good buy can be found here:

  2. You would trade the S5000Xvn's FB-DIMM for DDR3? I wouldn't... FB has a serial interface and is far superior to the cheaply stamped out DDR
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