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So currently I have 2 8800 gs's in SLI and I was looking at the new gts 250's that came out (or the 9800gtx+, but the 250's are cheaper) and when comparing em the 250 runs almost if not equal to my 8800 gs's.

So my question is: Should I sell my 8800 gs's and buy this card or should I wait for any other card to come out or pay the difference and get a different card altogether?

cpu: q9300 quad core 2.5 ghz
MoBo: Asus striker II formula
Mem: 8gb (4x2gb) g.skill pc2 8500
gfx: 2 8800 GS pcie (SLI)
sound: SB Xi-Fi Xtreme
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  1. Well you didn't mention your power supply. Its hard to say, I mean there would be a performance increase but I would rather get a much more powerful single card like a GTX285 personally and SLI that at a later time if need be...
  2. Why not get a 4870 or 4850? Massive ATI price cuts recently.
  3. The gts 250 is faster then the 8800gs but its not worth upgrading to. Only upgrade if you will be buying the gtx260 or the 4870. In my opinion stay with your setup now and upgrade when the next gen cards are coming out which shouldn't be to long.
  4. ^
    If he is currently running SLI wouldn't make much sense to go to a single ATI solution unless its the 450x2 or 70x2.
  5. PSU is 650 watts
  6. The GTS250 surprisingly isn't a bad deal, they're actually priced much lower than the 9800GTX+ and are even slightly cheaper than most HD4850s.


    But it may or may not be worth it compared to your existing setup. You could always keep one of your 8800GSs to use as a PhysX card (if you play one of the few games that use it).
  7. But is it better to wait till next gen to come out? 300 series coming out anytime soon and will it be cheap?
  8. What resolution?
  9. Well get the GTX 260...the GGTX250 is rebadged 9800GTX+...the price of the 260 also has come down...u can find very gud deals...and the 260 easily beats 250 by a considerable margin...
  10. The 250 is barely faster than an 8800 gs. You're talking about 6 FPS or 10 FPS from what I can see. You would need 2 of them for SLI. I would wait for DX 11 hardware. If you were running very high resolutions you would see a difference with gx260's but you if you aren't having trouble playing games now then wait for the gx360's or whatever to come out.
  11. the 8800 GS is slower thant he 9600 GT, the 9600 GT is slower than the 9800 GT, and the 9800 GT is slower than the 9800 GTX and the 9800 GTX is slower than the 9800 GTX+

    Where are you facts from?

    oh and 10 fps can make a difference:) 20 fps vs 30 , and its def not just 6-10 fps faster than the 8800 GS, I mean I doubt it will be faster than 8800 GS in SLI (very much doubt it), but it will be a very far jump faster than the 8800 GS especially if its the 384 meg versions (which can't do high res well, can't do AA well and can't do high quality textures).


    Don't forget that the 250 GTS is on par or slightly faster than the 9800 GTX+ (1-2 frames, but thats just the point).
  12. I have dual 250's (1Gb each) and the performance compared to a single 250 is awesome. I went from having 90 FPS in CoD4 with everything on High 1680x1050 4xAA to 170FPS with the exact same settings. Everything really seems a lot smoother than before. Hope this helps, remember once the 300 series comes out all cards will come down in price (nvidia).
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