Help with keyboard choice?

Hey everyone,

Just need a little advice on keyboard choice, I'm looking at choosing between a Logitech G11 or G15 (but i'm open any other options)

The main reason I chose the G11 or G15 was because i play games, logitech make good quality keyboards, i'm using a wave right now, and the other big feature is the backlit keys, I don't sleep too well and spend a lot of time at night on my PC and I like sitting in the dark... wow that sounds sad...

I'm uk based, and will prob be using

The difference between the G11 and G15 is only about £14 or so, and that's not really important, I like the look of the G15 more because of the redish light from the keyboard and it the little screen looks quite cool, even though i've read it's not exactly up to much..

So unless anyone can recommend a better keyboard with a backlight (no more than £50-60 at the most) which would you pick a G11 or the G15?

I'm also looking at a cheapish gaming mat, there is this one I'm not really keen on the idea of spending £20+ on a mat if i'm honest... so this seems a good choice between price, performance and size..

Anyways thanks for reading, as always comments and very much appreciated!

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  1. Doesn't the company "Razer" make good gaming keyboards and mice too?
    I've got a Tarantula myself, and wouldn't part with it (except maybe for a higher model Razer... though while the Tarantula is the oldest, it's still the most high-end of Razer's boards)
  3. I did look at the tarrantula but the lack of backlight keys was a problems, I see they have that light thing for it but if i'm honest I don't fancy one..

    Does anyone know much about the Saitek cyborg?
  4. I have a G15 and I love it, I picked it up for $70 when Circuit City closed (along with a G9 at the same price) and I feel that it was a good purchase. It has a good feel and i like the backlit keys, and while I do like the screen, it is rarely used atm due to my computer being set up weird on multiple drives, so it doesn't display what it should for many of my games or itunes (but I dont care since I'm building a new comp soon anyway). I also like the feel of the keys and the fact that its relatively quiet, but thats all subjective to personal taste anyway. If you don't want to go with a Logitech, Razer makes very quality products. If I didn't pick up my G15 for that awesome price, I would've bought a Razer Lycosa with the awesome mirror finish and blue backlit keys.

    Oh yeah, how could I forget to mention the software. The G15 is supported with some pretty awesome software and some good gaming profiles so that the G key macros can be utilized in different ways in different games. Idk about Razer since I don't own one of their products, but Logitech has some nice software.
  5. I have a Logitech G15, and love it.
  6. G11 or the new G15 (no flip lcd). What do you think of the new G19 or G13?,en
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