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Hi, I have just installed 2 hd 4870 512mb cards in crossfire on my new K9a2 Platinum board and 9950 cpu, first boot up i managed to get everything installed ok and all seemed to be working ok. Then i started the ccc overdrive and put the clocks to max and ran the test to checkthe clocks are ok but it just continued testing and wouldnt report, i noticed the temp was 80- 81 ish but the fan speed stayed at 27% i had to shutdown the ccc using task manager. since then i have been having problems, at first when the system loads to desktop and the graphic drivers start to initialise i get a blue screen with reference to amdlld sys, i unistalled all drivers now i can load to desktop ok with no drivers. reinstalling the driver i get a inf file error and it doesnt install properly. Also i notice my top hd4870 with the monitor plugged in has hot air blowing from the rear exhaust but the bottom one has cold and the casing is cool, it is powered ok fan running etc and gpuz reports strange parameters like a 2949673mhz clock 4095mb memmory size, gpu temp of -1c, fan speed 100%, gpu load 200%. the other card is reported correct, is my graphics card faulty or is it just a driver issue. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Do a system restore. Reinstall the drivers.
    Don't worry about GPU-Z as long as the card works.
    80-81º is okay for a graphics card.
    They run a lot hotter than CPUs.
  2. If you cant get the latest version of CCC to install trying going back to one of the older drivers like 9.1 or 8.12.
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