9800gtx+ or gtx 260: whats better

I'm looking for a video card for my new pc and am wondering whats better, the 9800gtx+ or gtx260. I may eventually get 2 and run them in sli but i doubt i will, mainly because of the lack of multi gpu support. My motherboard manufacturers website specifies that if i want sli I have to get Leadtek PX9800GTX or a Gigabyte GTX260 to be able to use sli. So which is better, the 9800gtx or gtx260?
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  1. well u said gtx260 then u said gtx280. either way, the gtx series is much faster. that being said your computer will be as fast as your weakest link: ie, your processor. you will not notice much improvement if you drop a gtx260 into a computer with a p4 on it.
  2. Sorry i fixed that now. GTX280 isn't on the supported gpu list. Which gtx were you talking about, the gtx260 or 9800gtx, because they both have gtx in their name?
  3. What resolution?
  4. good question, um...probley around the 1920x1080 hd resolution
  5. rav3n said:
    good question, um...probley around the 1920x1080 hd resolution

    A single GTX285 is good for that res.
  6. well apparently for my mobo to fully support the gpu it has to be listed on the asrock website which i thought was a load of *** but i rang a tech shop and they confirmed it is true so im kinda limited and the gtx285 is a out of my budget so its either 9800gtx or gtx260
  7. GTX 260...
  8. like i said before: the gtx series no matter what gtx is faster than the 9800gtx. what processor u got?
  9. I have a amd phenom II 940 3ghz quad core (dont ask why i didnt go intel) asrock K10N780SLIX3 mobo, 4gb ram, 850w sli psu, nzxt tempest case,320gb hdd,
  10. Well get the newer card...the GTX260...shuld be very gud for ur setup...
  11. Makes sense thanks for the help :)
  12. You should get the gigabyte Gx260. It's odd how limited your options are. There probably the only tested brands. Many other would probably work fine.
  13. Lucky for you, the GTX 260's just dropped in price!
  14. Well i ended up getting the EVGA GTX260 overclocked one. Thanks for the help peoples. :)
  15. gtx280 isnt support? im sure it will work on your mobo.
  16. just get two 9800gtx plus and it will out perform on sigle gtx260 ...
  17. 1 GTX 260 is more future proof, and allows a cheap upgrade path to GTX 260 SLI in the future.
  18. ^ But by the time you get another GTX260 for SLi, DX11 cards would be released. =/
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