Unable to boot, no power

I think I know the problem but I'm curious to the cause and if other parts may be damaged.
At first, I hit the power button and the fans all kicked in then the system shutdown after a few seconds. The monitor never displayed anything. This happened twice then nothing. On the third try there aren't even any LEDs lit up internally. I plugged the PS into another MB i had. I didn't have a video card for it so I couldn't try to boot but the LEDs on the MB lit up immediately and the case switch started up the PS and the fans.

So I assume that my 4 month old Gigabyte EP45-UD3R is shot. I was overclocking but very modestly. The voltage was barely increased and the temperature was always kept at or below normal levels.

I'm far from an expert. Am I correct in my assumption first off? And second, what could cause this and could anything else be damaged?
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  1. This has happend to me several times

    1.) re-seat the memory

    2.) make sure that the 3 pin cpu fan connector is hooked up to the corect 3 pins on the 4pin mobo connection.
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