Does anyone know how to use/attach Temperature Sensor cables (asus)


I found a thread here on asus temp sensor cables and it talked about kapton tape. I will look into getting some.

What it didn't mention though:

The ends of the sensors seem to have a type of cover. Do I remove these?

Also, where can i actually attach them?

My vid card, for example has a black ..uhm..cover? (the asus EAH 5970). Would I tape it onto that black plastic cover? or the back of the actual video card (the green wafer material).

Can I attach it to the heatsink directly or the heatsink fans for the CPU? Or Do i just put it near the cpu on the mobo itself (ie. 2 cm away)?

Finally, i wanted the 3rd one near the ram but not sure where I put it there either. On the ram itself or just beside the DIMM slots?

PS: even though I've assembled lots of PCs, these were all 6+ years ago. Never seen alot of the features this mobo has and all these new wires, etc are quite confusing :)


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  1. I don't know anything about attaching sensors but I'm just curious, why not simply read off the ones already onboard?
  2. so i can't find confirmation in the manual that there are preset sensors on the board. It made it sound like these sensors are what the software/bios will read from...

  3. Well download a couple apps, try Real Temp, HWMonitor, maybe even Speed Fan and see if those get you some readings.
  4. I got my S2E like 2 years ago, I dont recall them having a cover.

    You just tape them wherever you want, typically where components get the hottest, so not on fans and heatsinks.
  5. The ends of the sensors are thermocouples (dissimilar metals). Use a minute quantity of thermal compound and attach the thermocouple to the spot where you want to read the temp. Attach using mechanical means, or adhesive tape (ok for temps below 150 degrees C). Try using a paper clip to attach the thermocouple.
  6. Where can I find said sensors. I have three ports on my Mobo to attach them too but finding the actual sensors is a PITA. I have only found one so far:

    Looking for alternatives.

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