Maxtor 1000 gb hdd one touch 4 plus power voltage

plz any one tell me the power supply,thx
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  1. I found a post on Seagate website from someone who has a 750 GB one who gave the following DATA:

    input DC voltage is 12 Volts at 2 Amps
  2. Hi there,

    Maxtor Seagate certainly keep their power adapter specs secret! The only thing I could find was 12V, 2amps, tip positive power supply.

    Theoretically 3.5" HDDs require 12 V @ 1-2 Amps for the motor, 5 V @ .5 Amps for the electronics. So the above spec makes sense.
    If you mixed up the power blocks, that may help. If you need a power block for the unit, might call Seagate to see if you could purchase one from them.
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