How do i delete my backup folder

i've been trying to delete my backup folder and it keeps telling me that it is protected. I have 2 backups on my c drive and i just want to get rid of 1. How do i delete my backup. It wont let me delete either one
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  1. you have to delete the backups using the software that created them
  2. i use recovery disk for windows. I never seen that option before. How would i do that
  3. I don't follow, if you are using a recovery CD then why are there backups on your HDD? Why is there 2 of them?
  4. I was doing a recovery because i had some registry errors and it was the only thing i had. So it says there is a destructive way and an indestructive way. The indestructive way saves a backup to your comp. I did this twice. I know not much about coms and anything destructive didn't sound good. I really didn't know what i was doing
  5. oh ok, it was system level backup then, to get rid of that you will have to either back up all your data and reformat the hard drive (deleting everything on it)

    or you could try loading in safe mode with command prompt and deleting it through DOS console. See this

    There's also some software available that should be able to help you delete the system level files, but you have to be very careful with it, because it can delete anything you tell it to.
  6. i will try a let you know how it goes. thank you so much for helping me
  7. howdo you reformat the hard drive? and after i do that Is the onlt thing i need is an operating systems disk?
  8. AntiZig that's so 01. :)
    Yes you would need an OS disk.
  9. thak you
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