How to flash a Samsung hard drive's firmware?


I'm having trouble with my Samsung Spinpoint F3 and I've been told that I need to update the firmware on it to fix the problems. I have found instructions on how to do it on Samsungs website, but they're not very descriptive, and they're written in engrish. Could someone please clarify on what steps need to be done and how to do it? Especially how to make the flash drive bootable.
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  1. [SOLVED]

    I had same problem as you, i lost whole day to solve problem. And solution is:

    1. You cant flash F3 on MB with SB 850 on it (they didnt say that, and it sucks)
    2. Create usb boot drive ( i used method 2, hp utility)
    3. Put firmware on usb
    4. boot from usb and run .exe file
    5. SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER, dont restart it
    6. put your hdd back on motherboard with sb 850 on it
    7. enjoy

    Angry owner of SB 850 on MB and SAMSUNG F3.
  2. The firmware update also doesn't work with SiI 3512 SATA add-in card with latest BIOS update. The Firmware update fails saying 'update is not for this drive' even though it correctly identify's the model. The update worked fine on my VISTA system with on-board SATA intel ICH9M.

    Also the Paragon partition alignment software detected the drive but failed to recognise it as an Advanced format drive and appeared greyed out in BOTH my XP and VISTA PCs.
    Therefore I had to create aligned partitions with my VISTA system.
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