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I have installed 2 hd4870 512mb graphics cards in my new k9a2 platinum board, i initialy got them working in crossfire but after messing with the ati overdrive facility i cant get them to work, they work fine individualy in the pcie16 slot 1 but together the first card is working ok but the second one reports a problem in hardware manager, i have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail, ccc says the driver is not compatable with the gpu and disabled it and the crossfire option has gone. i have used the latest 9.2 driver suite from ati. there is power etc to the card fan ok but gpu z reports strange specs. Please help me solve this issue as i have spent a lot of money on something i cant use. Thanks.
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  1. Try uninstalling the CCC suite as well as the driver. Are you doing Internal or External Crossfire? Honestly, I have never used crossfire, so I'm not completely sure. You may have to take both cards out, and reinstall them both back into the PCI-E slots. Then reinstall the CCC suite and driver. G Luck.
  2. driver not compatible with the gpu...I have heard that before but don't know what the proper fix is. Have you tried an older driver version after cleaning them out?
  3. I have tried everything you can think of i read that the current 9.2 drivers have issues with the microsoft net framework 3.5 that is required. Also i found out that the bios that my new board has is v1.2 looking on the msi site i think the most recent bios is 1.6 so that wont help matters, anyway i have had enough its going into be sorted on the 14th so hopfully the experts can sort it out.
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