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I been having a bit problem with my Compaq Presario SR2017CL, ASUS mobo. Apparently it won't boot, I googled and search for similar experience and found the solution of removing the power cord and holding the power switch for 30~60 second; but of course it would be a pain to do so every time. So I am wondering why it does that and how I could fix it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you try searching Asus' website for a mobo bios update? That can fix a lot of issues.
  2. I tried that. Apparently the weather around here got way too hot and I took my Computer to cool down a bit. It worked fine when it is cool so I think it might be because of overheating? I downloaded SpeedFan and tried it out, I wonder if this temperature is right? Is my Remote and Core too hot the problem?

    If so I wonder what you guys could recommend me doing... Thanks for replying~~
  3. Check the temperatures with CPU under 100% load(use Prime95 or Orthos for that), but they seem quite high for only 30% load.
  4. do you have a GFX ??? because i cant install an HD4550 to that mobo
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