How to delete an XP Partition?

hello, i installed windows7 on my Compaq NC4200, but i wasn't sure of the compataility, so previously i shrunk my XP partition so i could easily go back to XP.

i've installed all the drivers and i'm happy with the installation (hoped for windows Aero though(915GM)) and i want to regain 20GB of my 55GB hard drive again by reformatting my xp partition and Growing my 7 partition to the 20GB

only thing is, how the hell do i wipe my XP partition, in Computer Management, the partition can't be formatted. also by going into My computer and right clicking the drive and select format still doesn't work.
need help, cheers in advance:)
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  1. Problem is you didn't install Windows 7 onto your new partition. You installed "most of Windows 7" on the new partition. The boot files for Windows 7 remain on the XP partition which is why you can't delete it.
  2. Jack's right. To get rid of the XP partition you'll have to reinstall Windows 7 again, and this time DURING the installation delete ALL of the partitions from the drive and tell Windows to install into the resulting unpartitioned space.

    The result will be an unnamed 100MB "recovery" partition containing the boot files and the OS in a "C:" partition that spans the rest of the disk.
  3. your kidding me? i spent 8 hours yesterday getting windows 7 sorted and now i have to get rid of it again? oh man. are you sure i can't just repair the start up options on the Win7 disk? maybe even reformate the partition, then windows recovery will redo the recovery partition on the unsed space?
  4. I can't tell you if that would work because I've never tried it.

    I think you may have to consider this a "learning opportunity"... :heink:
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