Can't see wireless networks, but can connect

I can connect to my home's network because I have it on autoconnect on startup, but can't view available networks, or se a wirless connection at all in the Conenctions window. I can connect fine on my OSX partition (bootcamp'd), and connect fine on the windows one, but right now I'm doing an AV 'gig' and need internet on my windows partition to get some files. Anyone know what I can do?

PS: Right now I'm on the Macbook Pro's OSX partition, and away from home.
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  1. I don't understand, your post makes little sense. You say you have a dual boot and both OSX and win you can connect.

    then you're saying you cannot

    Which is then?
    If you can connect to a network your wireless it is working fine, if you can't see available networks you're looking in the wrong place or there's no available networks besides the default one (which you should still see listed)

    if want to verify if your wireless network adapter is properly installed, check in device manager
  2. Sorry,
    I have it dual-booted, and on the Mac partition I can connect, and see the networks. On the WinXP partition, I can't see the Wireless Network icon in the connections tab, but when I'm at home, I automatically connect to my WiFi that I had set as the default network. I was kind of rushed because the thing I'm away from home for to do was starting in 15 mins and I had to do final checks.
  3. check that on windows partition the drivers are installed correctly and network card shows up in device manager. The only reason it wouldn't show up is if it's either hiding the icon for some reason or doesn't see the wireless adapter.
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