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I know this is an old CPU and a long shot question but I hope someone out there has some knowlege they can dump on me.

I have a Intel p4 650 @ 3.4ghz and Asus P5LD2-VM Motherboard, since I built this PC far as I know the vcore has been right at 1.65v at idle 1.55v load if lucky. In my attemps to OC in the past I have read that this should be somewhere around 1.45v and a max of 1.55v OC'd. I know these numbers may be wrong but the people that posted them were all referencing this CPU.

Google has brought me no luck. Neweggs specs say 1.25-1.388V. Intel all I can find is the VID Voltage Range 1.200V-1.400V.

--My question mainly is 1.65v right and/or acceptable for my CPU or is somthing wrong here?

--And is it possible I got a really bad bin chip?

If anyone would like to clarify something I'm missing here or not understanding please do. And Thank You.
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  1. Intel says 1.200V-1.400V

    I have the same chip in a ASUS PW5D2; it just keeps on going.
  2. treefrog07 said:
    Intel says 1.200V-1.400V

    I have the same chip in a ASUS PW5D2; it just keeps on going.

    Thanks treefrog07, Glad to hear your system is still kicking. Mine has and still serves me very well couldn't ask any more from it.

    One question for you if I may, what is you vcore running at?
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    You're welcome.
    Mine's running 1.352V-1.36V with the BIOS OCing settings set to AUTO.
  4. Well after much time digging around the maze of a website Intel has, I belive have found and answer to my own question.

    Here bottom of page 14 & top of page 15 -

    It seems that the chip I have has the highest possible VID spec. that it can get, lucky me. :-)

    Well Cheers. Maybe this info will help another.
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