Nvidia 182.08 Beta drivers for Hawx to enable sli Profile



Make sure you download the Beta 182.08 since its dated march 10th 2009

No XP driver ATM
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  1. They are not beta's and have been available since the 8th and are available in all the important flavours. [:mousemonkey] http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/1578/18208.th.jpg
  2. I told you to download the non WHQL versions, download the betas since the beta version has Hawx Sli profile. The whql doesn't since it was released on the 8th.

    Again download the 10th version:)
  3. Sorry I mis-read your title, not that I give a rats fart about Hawx, SLI or no.
  4. So then why post,? lol

    I mean if you don't care about the game:)
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