2x 1TB Black or 7200.12: If seagate is $68 less, is it a good deal?


I know that almost everyone suggests the Black Caviars, but if I was to get 2x 1TB drives, and the 7200.12 would cost $63 less, is that a good deal or no?

I think the only reason it's priced lower because you need to update the firmware to get a boost in performance. Reviews say it's cooler and quieter.

Why don't people like it?

I read reviews for black and some people said it failed shortly, and same for seagate.

Please advice thank you.
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  1. the seagate is a decent drive, but i would go with the black caviars instead
  2. Wow, the Segates must really suck if even at a $68 difference WD is the choice.
  3. its not that they suck, its just Western Digitial is a better company IMO
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