Valve said: Are Games Too Expensive

I know this not the right section ...
But all who buy Video card (high/mid End's) Buy it for the Games .
As we know the PC industry are more wide then Video game consoles..
but in games titles The opposite is true .
So is cheapest Games for PC Make PC games industry More recovery
and see more superior games to our heavy machines :D
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  1. Well they are right, price the game right, and most ppl would be too lazy to go through all the pirating that comes with certain games (omg I hated the star force...).

    So I just wait for weekend deals for me to buy games, I bought lost planet for 5$ where here it was like 30$ in Bestbuy and 50$ in walmart....

    Good read.
  2. i don't know but if PC Games seller sell at 20$ for example as a start price
    and after while sell it about 10 ..
    i know the prices unbelievable but why not
    for example if the company sell the Game for 40$ for 100 customers
    but they could sell it at 10$ for 500 customers in short time ..
    anyway that's could not happened ..only if the game are too popular
    Like Sims2 (that's EA sell it at 28 For PC's and 20 for Nintendo DS )
  3. I more or less gave up on games except for an oddball purchase or 2 a year. Than a friend pointed me to steams holiday sale when it was going on a couple months ago, and well lets just say the 200 I had gotten for christmas for new hard drives went to games real quick, pick up around $600 worth of games for around $200. And $200 is about the price of just a few of the games I've been looking at for awhile but have been waiting to go on sale which I picked up than, and a bunch of other games including Bioshock for $5. To say the least im a happy camper when steam has a good sale.

    I also been picking up games from them since than when they have a good weekend deal that catches my interest. Like lost planet a week or 2 ago for $5, picked that up since it sounded somewhat interesting and same with world of goo. Would have picked up more from their weekend deals like their ghost recon games but I was too busy and couldn't risk having the distractions.

    So I have to idmit they are definately making some money from selling those games CHEAP, if it wernt for that I wouldn't have bought a single game in the past year besides the Orange box, but instead they have a few hundred bucks of mine instead.

    And L1qu1d is right, if they price it right most people are too lazy to pirate it, including me. For that holiday deal when I purchased most of my games for cheap, it was just far easier and better for me to buy it and not have the hassle of pirating it.

    (yeah if you can't tell I'm a fan of steam I idmit it, I like not having to dig up cd's to pop into my machine to play the game, and the cheap deals I got on the games)
  4. sims 2 is 9.99 -19.99 here depending where you get it:P

    Now you can buy most of the expansions for 10$ and the deleuxe one for 20$:)
  5. @assasin32 i have steam on my PC and the hot line game Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X are out for 50$ ? (Available: 18 March )
    where you get that's prices ..
    anyway can we some day see top 10 game Like Crysis and FarCray and (Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X now) Sold for 10$
  6. ^^ it's still at the same average ..
    and i find the The Sims 3 on new age at 47$ (i don't like games this anyway)
    the best offer now from Steam are with Unreal Tournament 3 Black for 12$
    and if u download it from steam the weekend u can play it free until Sunday
    All you need is a free Steam account to play the full version of UT3 Black this weekend. Free period starts this Friday at 10am PST and ends Sunday at 1pm ""
  7. The only problem I have with steam is that you're paying $ for essentially a download. Steam games have no resell value.
  8. yes but no PC games really do generally, don't forget 1 thing I hate is they can block your account or black list your account with out notice and with out the need to tell you what you did.
  9. Well, you can generally resell a PC game without much hassle if they don't have DRM - ie. If they only need CD-key activation like Bethesda Software games or games such as COD4.

    Steam does such that way...although I'm tempted to buy Red Orchestra since it's only $5.00...

    Damn you weekend steam deals!!!
  10. well Ebgames (Gamestop) in canada has officially stopped buying PC games (used). So really, the resale value is lower than console games, since a cd key is needed, theres no general gaurantee that the game will work once sold, so ppl tend to stay away.
  11. well, all the used games I've bought on ebay have worked so far. Unless someone is using a bootlegged key that matches your legit version, you have nothing to worry about
  12. Isn't Amazon starting to buy used games, now? I wonder if PC games is included.
  13. I bought Left 4 Dead not that long ago for half price ($25) on Steam. Some people complain about it(Steam), but I say that Valve is definitely on the right track, especially since they are trying to get others to lower their prices. Good Job Valve :)

    and as for reselling PC games.....its not very common, thats why Steam is so effective.
  14. at last i was looking fir Counter Strike1(yeh) and found one on amazon
    but the shipping it's take 1 to 3 week i only have less then 1 week
    any one tel me where i find Counter Strike1 retail on any store with fast shipping
    because I'm out US.. and friend of mine will buy it for me ..
  15. I've really noticed that valve games get cheaper a bit faster than other games, but there is some overpricing on some console games. Call of Duty 4(activision) hasn't gone down 1 dollar since it came out. And Call of Duty WoW is already cheaper than the 4. But pc games are at good prices always, except for the fact that I cant buy used pc games at gamestop due to that *** licsence problem.
  16. I don't think games are too expensive, I mean, when they come out they are, but what isn't? Cars debut at $23k, a year later and 20k miles on them, you can get one for half that. Same usually happens with games, they come out at $50, a year later you can get it for $30, and a year after that they're $5 - $20 (varies due to publisher, popularity, quality etc.)

    The only thing about games, is they're exactly the same quality when you get them later (unlike the car, which has a slightly higher rate of break-down), maybe even higher quality if your PC has been upgraded (new GPU, monitor, etc.).

    Something about cost, though, is video games, themselves, are a fairly cheap form of entertainment. A good video game can land you 10-40 hours of gameplay, with the odd one + the odd person getting 100+ hours out of one. If you get 20 hours, and paid $40, you only pay $2 an hour, and I'm hard-pressed to find many other things at the same rate (movies, no. bars, no. mini-golf, no.).

    Me, I buy nearly all my games used or on a Steam sale.
  17. what child can be expected to pay the full 49.99$ or 59.99$ for a pc game, which can easily be pirated. (I'm talking about the ppl that rely on parents, and have no cash of their own).

    How about you attract more of a audience, and lower prices, sell more, which can compensate for the cut down of the price.

    cars can't be compared because they are a necessity for alot of ppl, and not just entertainment.

    This is purely entertainment, and I'm sorry for something that comes and goes, I don't want to pay 50$.

    Excluding amazing games like half life 2 and all the episodes, but those I don't even remember them being 50$ for just 1 game, (I got mine for free with my 9800 XT, so didn't check the previous prices).

    30$ new

    15-20$ after its sold quota or w.e,

    10$ for gone.

    Thats fair.
  18. I'm with you in that L1qu1d
    And the Games companies, looks more greedy the hardware companies.
  19. anyway i bought this from newegg and amazon

    Stranglehold $7.95 (i can't believe it price :o )
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PS3 40$ (for fried of mine)

    Kingston DataTraveler 8 GB Flash $17 (i was need anyway)

    Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith Activity Center 5$ (to break super shipping limit :D )
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