Mixing SDRAM of different Memory Timings ?

I have an HP Pavilion 8505 Desktop. Recently i upgraded its memory to 384 MB. What i've done is that i added two more 128 MB SDRAM modules to my current 128 MB SDRAM Module.
But the new RAM sticks are of 100 Mhz frequency and the old ram module is 133 Mhz. And when i checked in the EVEREST Ultimate Software , i get details of the three RAM Modules that : The two new RAM modules have two memory timings of 83 Mhz and 100 Mhz and the old Memory module has memory timings of 83 Mhz and 133 Mhz. Does that mean that the three memories would be down clocked to 83 Mhz instead of 100 Mhz (since the old RAM is not showing 100 Mhz support in the Memory Timing details) ? Will there be any Performance decrease or any malfunctioning. Nevertheless my PC is recognizing the whole 384 MB Memory in the BIOS.
Also the Processor FSB is 100 Mhz.

My PC Config :
Intel Pentium III 450 Mhz
100 Mhz FSB
Windows XP Pro SP3
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  1. still there are doubts in my mind, why the EVEREST is showing the memory timings of the old SDRAM at 83 and 133 Mhz only and not at 100 Mhz. Does that mean it cannot work at 100 Mhz ? is it downclocking all the RAM modules to 83 Mhz or is it not at all functioning while still showing 384 mb system Memory ?
  2. All of it should work at 100mhz, you may have to set it manually.
    However, it wouldn't matter if the memory was running at any of those speeds, you won't notice any difference, none at all what-so-ever.
    I am truely amazed and laughing at the same time when I read this.
    I can see a person getting all the life he can out of a system, but you are still using a 450mhz pentium III?
    You are the first person I heard of in a long, long time that is still using a system older than my parents 550mhz Pentuim III. It is simply a painful experience to sit down in front of it. And you are running XP Pro? Holy cow I bet that thing moves like a banana slug.
    My hats off to you, my god you must be related to the Comcast Slowskys turtles.
  3. Well, i have a Core2Duo pc, but i'm using the 450 Mhz PC just for surfing and downloading.
  4. If it is good enough for you, then it is good enough.
    That is all that matters.
    But, that is all my parents use theirs for, internet. And I tell you, even just for the internet it is so slow, I swear grass grows faster. They have 384 meg of memory..........................
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