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hi guys im looking for sugestions for a new case? its a standard atx board. i was looking at the antec skeleton i like things that aint plain all ideas welcome
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  1. so you like flashy cases? I was going to suggest the cm690 -

    but it's fairly modest.

    Another outstanding case in terms of performance is the CM HAF 932 -

    Some people like its styling, some people hate it.

    One of the most popular cases is the antec 900 -

    While I personally do not like the way it looks, a ton of people do.

    the coolermaster cosmos is fairly flashy, and another great case -
  2. hi, have you looked at the coolermaster cm 690?

    Very good case for the money, and has everything you could need.
  3. Well, Foolycooly mentioned all the cases popular with gamers and JayE2992 added another popular case. Pick the one you like that meets your requirements.

    I haven't seen actual sales figures but from what I have read I am willing to bet the Antec 900 is probably the most popular case with gamers.

    My personal case is a CoolerMaster HAF 932. It's huge. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excllent. Cable management is terrific. It is designed for a variety of configurations. Very flexible indeed.
  4. some very nice practicle cases but not quite out there enuf the cm690 is in the lead tho
  5. what are ur views on acrylic cases?
  6. If you like acrylic and the case meets your requirements, then by all means go for it. Quite often it is a matter of personal preference.

    I do a little case modding and I am about to try my hand at a custom made wooden pc case. I saw some beautiful ones that were quite appropriate for a home theater pc.
  7. sound cool i just binned 2 old boards then thot about building something weird with them. i had thought about incorporating the pc into the table. do you have any sites for good custom pc pics?
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