Help in picking a new DVD Burner....if Needed

I'm writing this post in case it's suggested I get a new burner.

What are y'all opinions on those DVD Drives? Will any of them work?

Is the price difference from the 19.99 to the 25.99 one worth the price?
$19.99 -- -- LiteOn iHAS224-06 -- 5 Eggs
$19.99 -- -- Sony AD-7261S-0B -- 4 Eggs
$25.99 -- -- LiteOn iHAS424-98 -- 5 Eggs
$37.99 --

Those are the ones I am looking at, I'm just looking for one that won't go bad like my current one...or what seems like it may have gone bad. Still trying to troubleshoot it in my other thread.

EDIT: Added the Plextor link, as it seems they are a highly rated manufacturer, but just trying to see what you all would think.
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  1. The main price difference, is because the $25 drive is a retail drive. It comes with the sata cable. The 2 $20 drives are OEM drives, and don't come with the cable.

    Any of them will work. I've used Sony and LiteOn drives in the past, and I had good luck with them.
  2. In terms of reliability, any of them will work out?

    I guess I don't really need the retail version since I could use use the cable I already have.

    Any partiular suggestions? I'm looking for reliability over speed
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    I think you'll find a great deal of differing opinions on reliability. Personally, I like LG, LiteOn, and Optiarcs. I've had good luck with them in the past.
  4. Thanks for the help, aford :)
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  6. You're welcome,
    Thanks for the vote :)
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