Incorrect parameter when changing drive letter for primary partition

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I have got two HDDs each one is 40 GB , and each one has only one partition type NTFS.

One of them for OS windows7 and it is called C (Primary Active) and other for data and it is called D as depicted in the snap shot below :

I run out of space for the hdd that has OS windows 7 ( C ) .

I bought a new hdd 500 GB and divided it to two partitions each one is 250 GB in size ,,,,one of them is G and other is Z

What I did I used Aconis and I copied the whole hdd C (the one has run out of the space) to the partition G (Active and Primary) on the new hdd (500 GB).

I unplugged hdd C (40 GB) and left hdd D (40 GB) Now I was able to boot the computer using new hdd (500 GB ),,,,,,When I tried to use windows Manager section to change the drive letter for new hdd (G to C) by following the procedure below :

I receive the error message below :

How can I change the drive letter from G to C ??

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  1. If the new cloned HDD boots to windows, and the programs work, why do you want to change the letter?
    The risk of changing its drive letter is that windows may not completely and accurately re-map all your programs and settings (including the registry) after you change the letter.
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