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My daughter is presently travelling in Belgium with my notebook computer that runs under Windows ME. She has access to a local network in the appartment where she lives, but so far is unable to hook up to the internet. When she runs WINIPCFG, the IP address is

When she executes "Release all" and then "Renew all", she still gets as an IP address.

What should she do? I have never seen such an IP address in the past.
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  1. That's in a block of IPs reserved for multicasting by IANA per RFC 3171(ipv4 addressing). not sure why anyone would have a DHCP server issuing that address(assuming that is what happened). What IP does WINIPCFG give for the address of her DHCP server?
  2. Or she can't even contact the DHCP server, check dns addresses etc.

    Try telling windows to repair, also check netbios.

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  3. Thanks guys for your inputs. It turns out the problem was a faulty cable.
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