Problem after upgrading CPU and mobo-no display, no beep! HELP PLEASE!

Hi people! Today I replaced my motherboard and CPU-connected everthing correctly, and pressed power button...It started like BIOS, with "Phoenix technologies" logo and information that I have processor AMD X2 7750...On the bottom there were 3 options: to press F8, to select boot device, then F9 (I think!) to enter setup and third was DEL, to enter something after POST...I pressed F9, and nothing happened, then again after a minute or so, nothing...Any key I pressed nothing happened! Then I turned off the power, unplugged it acctually (I know, I am stupid!)...Wanted to do same process again, but after powering on the comp, there was no beep, or display on the screen...There is power, CPU fan is running, monitor does seem to know it is connected to base unit, because when I pull the VGA cable out, it starts to search for signal...Motherboard is Biostar MCP6P M2+...I tried to reset Bios by clearing CMOS and taking out bios battery for more than 30 min...What have I done wrong and how can I have normally operating computer?
It was Acer Aspire T180 (year 2007), AMD Sempron 3500+, some Foxconn mobo, but modified by Acer so it fits "their needs", AM2 socket, Hitachi HD 7200 rpm, 250 WAT PSU, integrated video nvidia 6100/405 nForce...
I wanted (I did as well) an upgrade of mobo and cpu...New mobo (the one that give me headache now!) Biostar MCP6P M2+, also integrated video, but 512 MB...New cpu AMD X2 7750+ BE...
They are all compatible, I have checked that many times, many different sites and programs for compatibility...PSU is not the problem...As I have said, it must be the motherboard...I am not saying it is faulty, it is just I don't know how to go around this first start up...MANY THANKS!!!
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  1. im thinking its the motherboard and it is faulty im having the same exact probleme, the only difference tho is mine keeps restarting over and over and dosent get passed the logo screen, i get no beep also like i normally do when i boot it up. Im just about to go RMA it too hahaha :) good luck!!
  2. o wait haha one more thing CHECK YOUR MEMORY! what your giving is a pretty good clear sign of faulty memory that just went out. try putting them in different slots
  3. This motherboard's BIOS, like most, defaults to "USB Keyboard Support" and "USB Mouse Support" disabled. Usually, that means you are going to need to come up with a keyboard with PS/2 style (round) connector so that you can get into the BIOS the first time and enable USB support - BIOS -> Integrated Periphereals -> Onboard Device.
  4. I have the same problem, the screen will freeze and not responding with del keys to enter bios, but after 5-10 minutes, it will run and go to windows.
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