Looking to get a video card....

i recently bought a computer from newegg (see my build here), im am now looking to get a video card for around $200. I d like to spend as little as possible but if i can get a really good deal for $220-230 ill stretch my budget.

heres my question....i was looking at TomsHardware's Sum of FPS Benchmark Totals and noticed that GTX 260 896MB outperforms the HD4870 512MB, but what about the HD4870 1GB??? Does any one know how the HD4870 1GB compares to the GTX 260 896MB???

let me know what you think? Please tell me if you have any better suggestions for around this price range.
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  1. Personally I would go up for the HD4870 1GB. I got the HIS HD4870 1GB for $189 with free shipping, and I have it OCed at 790MHZ Idle Temp 42C, Full Load 68C

  2. where did u get your card from?
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161269

    But for some reason they raised the price now, and they have their 512MB card listed for $189 instead.
    No worries, with NVidia lowering the prices of gtx260, this price will go down soon too.
  4. I'd stick with nvidia because of driver problems with ATi i would hate to have a 200 dollar video card depreciate in value while i cant use it.
  5. Overall the GTX260 selected is a little faster than the 1Gb HD4870;


    If you can get the rebate the prices are near enough the same but the EVGA card has a better warranty, the step-up and EVGAs ledgendary backup.
    I`d say o for the GTX260.
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