2nd hard drive problem

Hi all,
I have installed a second hard drive to my new build but it's not showing up in "My Computer".
The first hard drive (my boot drive) is a Kingston SSD 128 MB which has Windows 7 OS on it, the second is a Samsung Spinit 1 TB.
I added the second drive about a month after building and starting the computer. I see it mentioned during the startup, so the computer knows it's there. But I also get an error message on bootup about "No Hard Drive detected".
What must I do, and how do I do it, to be able to use the drive.
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  1. may be some settings in bios you have to tinker. btw correct your Question. your ssd should be 128gB, not 128MB.
  2. Thanks Fetal,
    I stand corrected. The SSD is 128 GB and also it is a Samsung Spinpoint, not spinit.
  3. So how do I format this 2nd hard drive? I am using the SSD for the boot drive, but not sure what to do with the 2nd one.
    Helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp please
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