Red Pixels, Artifacting, BSODs...

Recently I started to have some GPU problems, red pixels started to appear on dark area son my screen, especially when scrolling. So I started looking into it...

I found out it's not the monitor, because I tried attaching another monitor, and the red pixels appeared on exactly the same spots as on the other monitor and more. I tried changing the VGA-to_DVI adpater, didn't help.

First thing that temporarily fixed it was disabling write combining, but after a few days, the dots started appearing again. Then I tried lowering the Memeory Clock for my 8800GTS 320Mb version, and it helped, but after a few days, the dots were back and they kept intensifying, locking up the display, BSODing and showing green pixels in lighter areas.

Then I tried reverting to older drivers. but that didn't help. I reinstalled Windows (XP), seemed to work at first, but a day after(today) it started happening again...

So far I know it's not overheating problem, because the temp is the same as it was months before. Also as I explained above, it's not the monitor, so it could be that it's that the GPU's memory is failing, so the answer would be to get a new GPU...

...BUT there are no artifacts, no red pixel rage over my screen when I am in safe mode (as I am now)... Why does it work in safe mode but not in normal mode? I can't even log in normal mode anymore, as when it loads the desktop, red pixels start raging all over the screen and it freezes it...

Maybe the answer lies in the ability to work in Safe Mode? Any ideas how to try to fix it?

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  1. sounds like the card is past it. swap the card and try a diff card in ur machine. if its stable then just buy a new card.
  2. That's what I thought :(

    So sad that I have to go from 8800GTS to something in 40$ range :\ Unless I find the warranty papers...

    But why does it work in safe mode? Does the default safe mode drivers use little or no memory on the GPU?
  3. Safe mode disables drivers?
  4. Yes. It loads windows default drivers. But even when uninstalling the nVidia drivers completely, it does the red dot rampage on my screen in normal mode :\
  5. Hmm... I did try something different for a change... Instead of just uninstalling the drivers, I used a driver removal tool and now it works... But I am afraid to install new drivers... Any suggestions on what to do?
  6. This time I allowed windows itself to find and install the drivers and... it has been working okay for a few days. No signs of red pixel. What the... ?
  7. Few days it worked fine but... there it goes again... :(
  8. Hi Fox,

    Recently, I got the same problem with my HD4870 X2. This month is too hot in Brazil and it started to appear the same red pixels on screen, in dark areas.

    I could easily fix it by increasing the speed fan trough Catalyst from 30% (default) to 35%~40% when I am working at desktop and to 60% when I am playing a heavy game.

    This is a kind of artifact caused by video memory chips overheating, not the GPU. In GPU the artifacts are different, like draw issues.

    The problem is that the factories usually don’t think a better default solution to use these devices in places where the heat sucks a lot!

    Good luck!

  9. Grey Fox said:
    This time I allowed windows itself to find and install the drivers and... it has been working okay for a few days. No signs of red pixel. What the... ?

    Did you ever fully resolve those pesky red dots?
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