How do you Replace PCI-E x1 with a PCI-E x16 port

I am wondering if it is possible to remove a PCI-E x1 port from my computer and replace it with a PCI-E x16 port from another computer as my computer has a header large enough to fit it although do not have a clue how to remove the ports to swap them over.. please help :)
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  1. This is the Computer which i am looking to put the port into:

    this is the computer which i am looking to take it out of:

    Sorry about the Quality :/
  2. no
  3. That's not even close to possible. Replace the motherboard if you need a x16 slot.
  4. seen
    ... or ive been looking up you can buy x1 - x16 adaptors for £20 might have to invest.. sorry for wasting your time guys
  5. An Adapter!?!?! Im sorry dude, but it just. doesn'
    Even if you where to somehow able to replace the slot (impossible) its not like the motherboard is gonna have the hardware to support it. Its the equivalent of cutting the socket of an American appliance an replacing it with a European one. Sure it will fit, but the results will be less than pleasant. ;) . Im sure you have a reason for not doing so, but why don't you just put (insert pci-eX16 card here) into the computer with the x16 slot? or just switch the mobos?
  6. you can cut the back bit of the slot if you want to put a 16x card in it but it will work at 1x speed, so it will be starved of bandwidth but it will work
  7. Sorry buddy, your out of luck here. They may both be PCI-Express, but they are not interchangeable....though that would be a nice feature....oops sorry, no it just doesn't work that way.
  8. Sure you can. You just need a a chisel, hammer, pliers, and some super glue to swap them. Go for it an let us know how it works out. :D :lol:
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