No Access to back of motherboard - what HSF?

Hey there folks!

I have an Antec 300 case (the older variety without a cutout that gives easy access to the back of the motherboard), an ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard, and an i7-920 CPU. I am currently stable at 3.44Ghz using the stock cooling and stock voltages. My core temps (as measured with SpeedFan) are 34C at idle, and 80C under load.

I would like to boost my overclock to at least 3.8Ghz if possible. I do not want to remove my motherboard from the case, though- that would just be too much of a hassle.

Should I try to boost voltages and/or other settings using the stock HSF?
Should I use a specific aftermarket HSF that doesn't require access to the back of the MB for putting on a mounting bracket? If so, what should that be?
Is there some aftermarket HSF that doesn't require a mounting bracket which would likely enable an even higher overclock?
Should I give up the ghost and keep things as-is?

(edit) Some additional info: running at 19x multiplier, 180 BCLK -->3.44Ghz, RAM is underclocked at 1440 (OCZ Gold DDR3-1600)
When I boost BCLK to 184 to get 3.51Ghz, temps under load rise to 85C and system BSODs after less than 5 mins under Prime95 stress-testing.

Thanks in advance,
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  2. Do not overclock further on the stock heatsink. in fact i already recomend an aftermarket cooler if you stay at that frequency.
    Scythe is a good company and i couldn't find any other products in a quick search that would work well. Just wait for newegg or another retailer you trust to stock it and get it then. then have some fun with an overclock
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  4. Thanks for the feedback!

    I've been pretty stable at that freq with the stock HSF so I'll stay there until I get the Scythe. I'm doing some other upgrades (SSD, graphics card) so I wanted to upgrade the cooling at the same time while giving myself some extra overclocking fun.
  5. The problem is that the tower coolers with pushpins put a lot of pressure on the motherboard, specifically the HSF mounting holes. It would be different if the motherboard were mounted horizontally.

    My recommendation is to pull the motherboard and use a backing plate.
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