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Ok this is my problem, I have a Samsung SyncMaster T220, and the monitor turn off for no reason at all, the main problem is that when this happends I can't do anything I have to wait like 3 to 5 minutes so the monitor can turn on again automaticaly, this is really an annoying problem, I would like to know if someone had this problem to.


btw using nvidia 9500 card.
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  1. Check your connections including how the graphics card is seated in ur pc. If not then u most probably have a faulty monitor
  2. no this is stander due the power saving of the screen its self i have the same and it takes a 1 mins to boot up from standby. try testing it with a different input
  3. I have the same monitor, the same video card AND THE SAME PROBLEM.
    Looks like its something about the way the on/off switch works.
    I have already returned the monitor and got a new one, but the problem persists. And it not happened on the store (after 40 minutes connected at a store's PC), and my old Samsung monitor (an LCD 19" one) works OK too.
    I will just sell this and buy another with regular switch.
  4. I have the same problem but under diffrent hardware (gtx275 & 2408wfp). It only occurs with the new 185 & 186 drivers, try using the older 182 drivers and see if it fixs it. It worked for me.
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