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Ok,The sims3 requires your processor to be a t least2.4ghz,well I have all the requirements for the sims3 except for my processor it intel and its 1.80ghz,will that effect the game?
can i play it at all>
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  1. For visa yes it's 2.4 GHz, for XP it's 2.0 Ghz. If you're using XP it''s close enough to give it a try. Can you overclock the CPU just a little?
  2. They really need to reference which processor there using that frequency for. most likely its a Pentium 4 running at 2.4 GHz, so if you have a Core2Duo at 1.8 GHz that would be faster than the Pentium 4
  3. Ok, they did specify that it was a Pentium 4 at 2.4GHz

    "2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent"

    a core2duo at 1.8 GHz would fall under the "equivalent" category, so if that's what you have then your fine
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