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Which pc case i have to buy to install coolit eco c240 water cooler?
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  1. One with a side panel and a 120mm rear fan.

    Pretty much ANY case.
  2. CM 690II Basic or Advanced are nice cases with plenty of room for water cooling.
    Has space for 240mm rad at the top or bottom your choice.
  3. Looks like you'll need a case that can support a 240mm rad either in the back or the top.

    One case comes to mind, though there are many. I was considering this case for a while, the corsair 800d. Its not cheep but it provides plenty of room to work in, a lot of nice touches like easy removable side panels and the fan space you need to install that cooler.
  4. I will need a case with 2 x 120mm fans at the back of the case to fit the 240mm radiator of the cooler?
  5. Anything like what Davcon said, the Lian-Li K62 would work to I would think.
  6. Buy the one with blue fans and pink exterior, and funny bunny stickers on the side.........
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