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Im upgrading my pc and gonna give i7 a shot....but im in dilemma whether to choose 920 or 940.....though 920 seems to be more comfortable the 940 seems quite attractive....what should i do???? help me out there any great advantage as far as performance......
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  1. I doubt the performance gain is worth an additional $280 for an extra 266 mhz or 0.266 GHz as in zero point 266 GHz.

    To me it's like the e8400 versus the e8500 so why should there be a $280 difference? So IMO there is no great advantage other than bragging rights.
  2. Buy the 920, buy a good motherboard and aftermarket cpu cooler, then overclock the 920 to way beyond the 940.
  3. IMO theres no need for a 940, the i7 920 can overclock to the 940's specifications anyways.
  4. The gain that you would get by buying i940 is very small. Instead you can add this money to buy a much powerful video card.
  5. Another +1 for the 920. I think we can all find ways to spend an extra few hundred dollars for such minimal gains.
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