Which graphics cards are compatible with asus p6t se i7

What is the least spec graphics card can you put into an asus p6t se i7 skt 1366 thanks
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  1. I don't really understand why you'd want to know the LOWEST spec card that board can take? It can take NVIDIA 8 series, 6 series.. hell even 4 or 5 series cards as long as they're PCI-E cards and not AGP. You could pick up a 8400 for around £20 now a days delivered to your house.

    Can I ask why you wanted to know?
  2. One reason could be that he's building a number cruncher and doesn't need any kind of 3D capabilities.
    Searching newegg for video cards from $10 -$25:
  3. yes the one i had was not compatible but had a spar low spec one just to load windows till i got another
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